Concord Grove Educational Center:

Setting and Resources


Located at the Concord Grove Farm, fifteen minutes east of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Concord Grove Educational Center is based in a 125-year-old Victorian farmhouse, which is used as a meeting place for small seminars, workshops, and discussion groups.

Wrap Around Porch

While only a short distance from the city, the educational center is located in a beautiful country setting that is peaceful, relaxing, and congenial to the types of events we sponsor.

Concord Grove Meeting Area

We can comfortably accommodate 25 people for talks and workshops in our farmhouse meeting room. There is a screened in, wrap-around porch, framed by pine trees that can be used in the warmer months, and also a barn that can accommodate large groups.

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Last summer we added a heated and air conditioned conference room overlooking the fields. The conference room seats fifty people, and also provides a space for occasional art exhibits.The conference room is wired for sound, is a digital theater with floor lighting, and set up for recording talks, seminars, and meetings.

Concord Grove Horizon View

PHOTO:View of the horizon from the Concord Grove Conference Room and the astronomical observatory. Click on image for larger version.

Guest Rooms

Several guest rooms are available at the educational center, including a guest room with a private bath for speakers. Visitors to the educational center are invited to make use of the facilities, including the library and the astronomical observatory.

Concord Grove Astronomical Observatory

A small astronomical observatory is equipped for visual observing, astro-photography, and scientific work. The James C. Veen Observatory is also located about six minutes away by car, and may be used by larger groups by appointment.

Set in a tranquil meadow framed by trees, deer, birds, and other wildlife are frequent visitors to the Concord Grove Observatory.

Near the James C Veen Observatory