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Concord Grove Educational Center of West Michigan
A Not-for-Profit Community and Educational Center

Located near a small country village, fifteen minutes to the east of Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Concord Grove Educational Center provides opportunities for higher education that are normally not available in academic settings.

Concord Grove Educational Center Conference RoomIn addition to fostering communities of deeper learning, the educational center strives to encourage the type of cultural, civic, ecological, and spiritual literacy that enables individuals to flourish as human beings, and to participate as well-informed and effective citizens in our local and global communities.

In conjunction with local organizations and businesses, the center sponsors talks, workshops, book signings, discussion groups, poetry readings, concerts, and similar events in the West Michigan area, including with nationally recognized speakers in the fields of art, philosophy, science, the humanities, psychology, and environmental studies.

Educational Center of Michigan

Educational Center of Michigan

Based in a 125-year-old Victorian farmhouse, in a peaceful and relaxing setting, the center offers a meeting place for small groups, an extensive library, and an astronomical observatory. A larger conference room that overlooks the fields, seats fifty, and doubles as an art gallery was recently completed.

The Concord Grove Educational Center also hosts the West Michigan Center for Ecological Design and Renewable Energy Systems, which actively collaborates with local groups and national organizations to offer programs on appropriate technology, green building, and whole-systems design.



An all volunteer effort, the educational center was forced to permanently close its doors at the end of 2003 due to a lack of financial resources. This is an archive of the original website.

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